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The Holistic Leaders

Coaching for Conscious Leaders

Optimise Leadership. Make An Impact. Love What You Do.

Welcome to The Holistic Leaders.


I’m Michelle and I help conscious business leaders, founders and entrepreneurs like you to grow your businesses, make an impact and love what you do.  

My approach is holistic. I believe that as leaders, when we are balanced in mind, body and soul and then armed with excellent business strategies, we can achieve so much more without burnout.

My mission is to help you to reconnect to your values, re-energise your being and remember your purpose: whether you are a new small business owner or a leader in a larger organisation.

A bespoke coaching programme is created for each client and business that I work with as I help you to optimise your leadership performance through the integration of wellbeing and making changes at a foundational level. You can work with me for an intensive 90 Minute Session (coaching and breath), join my 12 week 1:1 programme, become a Wild Leader through my wellness retreats or I can work with your teams/ business through my custom designed workshops and wellness partnerships: created after consultation with you the leader.

I support you using my 4 Pillars of Holistic Leadership : Mind, Body, Soul and Business where you will learn transformational personal and business strategies, techniques and frameworks to help you lead a business in a way that is aligned to you and acts as a vehicle to having what you want in your life. 


Can you remember why you wanted to become a Business Leader?

Welcome to  Leadership in 2024. Following massive upheavals in life and business in recent years and entering another period of uncertainty, now more than ever, business leaders and small business owners need support. We need a more human approach, optimism, excellent strategies and both personal and business agility to survive and thrive in these times.This is an unpredictable post-pandemic-pre-recession period in business where stress, overwhelm and poor mental and physical health are on the rise, mostly for our cohort of leaders who are doing their best to keep everything together.

“How’s Business?”

When well-meaning people ask “How’s Business?” how does this make you feel? If the answer is: “like screaming, like crying, like hiding…” please know that you aren’t alone. I speak with small business owners and executives in global businesses weekly, it’s being felt across the board.

I have no doubt you have had your challenges.

But, you didn’t come this far to only come this far. 

So. Why did you want to become a business leader? What was it for you?

Perhaps you wanted to make an impact and create a community, maybe it was for financial security or personal freedom, or more simply, you wanted to make someone you love proud. Our reasons may vary, but there is one thing I do know for sure: you didn’t get to where you are now by chance. You have worked hard and you have sacrificed.

You deserve to love what you are doing.

Creating change requires effort, but it doesn’t have to be hard if we have the right tools and support of someone who can help push open the doors to new possibilities. We can choose to remain the same or to evolve. If the niggle is there: listen to it, make that move. You have the power to create incredible things in your life and business.

Being a conscious, holistic, self-aware leader isn’t just a nice to have, it’s a need to have in this new era.

I want to help you to love what you do. You deserve this


With your values, your vision and your mission.


Your mind, body, soul and team.


Why you became a leader in the first place.

Michelle Ryan, Founder

In 2021, I set an intention to create a business that makes a positive difference. 

The Holistic Leaders was created in the cross-section of what I love and where I feel I can most help. I have a decade of leadership experience in one of London’s most competitive industries, 4 years coaching experience, 200 Hr Yoga Certification and an all-round passion for business and wellbeing.

My personal and business values are Connection, Energy, Purpose and Freedom.

Through this work I can satisfy and live out every single one of these and this is experienced by my clients. I’ve been the leader who was lost and close to burnout and coaching helped me find my way again. I coach both scientifically and intuitively to help my clients experience clarity, growth and a renewal of purpose and I absolutely love what I do. 

I chose to work with leaders because of the ripple effect. When I can support a business leader positively, so many can benefit: the leader, the business, their team and the community of people connected with its success.

The Holistic Leader is one that sustains themselves: body, mind and soulful energy in order to do the same within their business. I take a whole-person approach to my coaching so that you can then take this to your business.

My Coaching Process

It all starts with booking a complimentary Discovery Call with me.

We will have a chat about what support you are needing within your life and your business. To receive coaching is a powerful process and it will challenge many aspects of your life. 

You can work with me a number of ways:

  • The Holistic 90 Minute Intensive Coaching Session. (Online)
  • 12 week 1:1 Holistic Leaders Coaching Programme. (Online)
  • Workshops and Wellness in Business Partnership. (Online and In-Person)
  • Join the Wild Leaders movement through my wellness retreats, immersed in nature.
  • Breathwork Workshops and Womens Circles. 


Book a free discovery call.

You choose to receive support for your leadership journey.

This is your first step towards growth.

Book your Discovery Call with me.

We will meet over zoom, chat about where you are now, where you’d like to be, i'll answer any questions you have and make sure we’re a great fit before we move forward.

We begin your chosen coaching programme.

We create awareness, design actions, plan, goal set and manage your progress throughout.

You complete the coaching programme.

We reflect on your progress, growth and achievements and create a forward plan.

Client Success Stories

My days are more purposeful, my relationships are deeper and my energy is so much higher.

The best investment I have ever made. I could not recommend Shell highly enough. She has changed my outlook on life and my career and those around me are all benefitting.
Brian Hamilton
Enterprise Account Director @ LinkedIn
I achieved my life-long dream career.

This was made possible through Shells coaching programme. Shell got me to realise what I am capable of if I can focus and set my intentions and heart to it, as well as the graft and practical work to get there. It’s not just wishing for things to happen.
Joe Edgerton
Founder of Lost Yoga and Firefighter
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I achieved a £250k turnover in Year 1, with 3 employees, in a global pandemic.

Shell is just the most incredible coach and person, she exudes an energy that is hard to come by. Her approach is unique: she has a wealth of her own business experience but she also has an incredible mind for navigating emotions.
Jane Gillespie
Co-Founder of The Luxury Picnic Co.
I cleared my limiting beliefs, achieved financial goals and created strategic solutions.
I have been guided to think in new ways, given so many new tools, nurtured and most of all I have shed many deep rooted limiting beliefs that have kept me from being the very best version of myself in the past in life and business.
Jessica Oakley
Therapist and Creative Entrepreneur

Would you like to love what you do?

It starts with one step. Let’s chat and see how we can collaborate .