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My clients are the change-makers. They always seem to be that great mix of both kind and wild. The ones who always make things interesting, have exploratory, growth oriented minds and who want to live up to their full potential.

They are the brave founders of impact-led businesses and they are leaders within organisations who want to lead in more sustainable ways. They are stepping up, making changes and shifting the paradigm. 

This year, I have worked with Founders across a variety of different sectors such as Digital Entrepreneurs, Founders in Hospitality, Conscious Retailers, Recruitment Founder, Wellness Professionals, Therapists, Naturopathic Health Professionals, Pilots and Online Life Coaches, Creative Founders. 

I have worked with Organisational Leaders such as a Partner in a Law Firm, Leader at LinkedIn, Manager within Software Sales, Marketing Manager, Consultancy Project Manager, Recruitment and Sales Leader and Leaders within the public sector. 

Some clients come for strategy, goal setting and practical support, for others it’s to understand their values, mindset, realign their energy and connect with their purpose. 


All come because they want to be great leaders who love what they do.


Brian Hamilton
Enterprise Account Director



Coaching with Shell is the best investment I have ever made on myself.

On paper, everything looked good in my life, doing well both professionally and personally but I knew how I was really feeling: totally stuck and disconnected.

This then manifested through procrastination at work and avoidance in relationships. I found my energy levels to be below par and I was just lacking my usual motivation for career and life.

I firmly believed I was extremely self aware prior to working with Shell but in hindsight I was emotionally numb and having looked at my issues I became a much more open person, more aware of my behaviours and bringing my full self to my personal and professional life.

Shell doesn’t coach things in isolation and I discovered how my blocks were connected.
We worked on mindset, energy, created strategies and I had some huge shifts. My days are more purposeful, my relationships are deeper and my energy is so much higher. All thanks to working on myself on all levels.

Since working together, not only did I regain my passion for my work but I re-ignited my ambition and I have had significant career advancement during the 6 month programme. Shell was instrumental in helping me improve my energy, self-awareness and motivation to make this happen. I got my drive for life back and also just completed an Iron Man in Barcelona. It’s fair to say I feel like myself again 

To anyone thinking about coaching, I could not recommend Shell highly enough, she has changed my outlook on life and career and those around me are all benefiting.


My experience of coaching with Shell has been nothing short of wonderful.

I came to her at a pivotal point in my life where I am expanding myself, growing my business and also studying for a Masters. So many goals but feeling stuck, anxious and overwhelmed by it all. 

I then found Shell. It has been such a good match and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every session we have spent together.

I have been guided to think in new ways, given so many new tools, nurtured and most of all I have shed many deep rooted limiting beliefs that have kept me from being the very best version of myself in the past in life and business. 

I had huge limiting beliefs around earning good money whilst also doing good. This conflict between being a successful business person and nice human: so financial goals have been a reoccurring theme throughout my coaching experience. We worked through my money blocks and I have consistently hit and exceeded my financial goals throughout the programme. 

As a creative, flow-state is so important to me but I was losing this by being worried about business affairs and being in my head too much. Shell helped me to understand the benefit in having structure, goals and planning in place first to then allow me to feel relaxed and in flow to do what I love: to create!  

A clear sense of direction has been so helpful and Shell has worked with me throughout every step of the way. Coaching with Shell is like self-care for you and your business, I feel so grateful for the last 6 months together and I am sure anyone who invests in her magic will not be disappointed. I will continue to work Shell throughout my life as I grow my business.


Jessica Oakley
Therapist and Creative Entrepreneur


Jane Gillespie
The Luxury Picnic Co.



Never in my wildest dreams did I think this was a possibility.

Before coaching with Shell I felt very stressed, tired, unhealthy and out of control of my own life and wellbeing. So much was revealed in our first chat, things I just had not seen previously.

I had gotten into a total rut of focusing solely on work and my family and forgotten to prioritise my own health and wellbeing. I was running on empty and it was leaking into all aspects of my life. Change was needed on a number of levels.

I was definitely cynical in my thinking initially and was already making excuses around not having enough time for change. However, the way Shell coaches you to shift your thinking, adopt better habits and prioritise correctly meant that I hit my weekly goals in all areas time and again because I knew WHY I was doing it all so my determination kicked in. I immediately noticed the difference in my health, wellbeing and my work. I had more focus and drive, I was less tired and more energised and I could see the results starting to come to fruition. 

Shell is just the most incredible person, she exudes an energy that is hard to come by and it is palpable even over a zoom call. Her approach is unique in that she has a wealth of her own business experience but she also has an incredible ability for navigating emotions. Her method truly is holistic and she will help you realise things about yourself, your life, your work, your hopes and your dreams that you may not get to on your own. That was certainly the case for me.


Before coaching with Shell, I was a leader in a business, making good money, lots of responsibility and I could have stayed put for the rest of my life. 

But I knew I wanted a different career path which just wasn’t happening for me at the time.

I wanted to both set up my own business in wellbeing whilst also achieving my child-hood dream of becoming a Firefighter in my community. So a complete 180 from my previous career but I had had huge personal shifts and wanted to be purposeful in my career.

I was feeling completely depleted after my attempt to enter the Fire-Service ended in failure and seemed out of reach.

However through coaching with Shell, we worked on my mindset, my goals and created a strategy. There were so many shifts and one very powerful part was a visualisation technique which I kept coming back to throughout the process, to remember why this was so important to me.

Shell got me to realise what I am capable of if I can focus and set my intentions and heart to it, as well as the graft and practical work to get there. It’s not just wishing for things to happen. She gets you working hard too!

I achieved everything I set out to achieve. 

I am now in a new state of employment as a firefighter and I have my own wellness business which I never could have believed possible without Shells help to believe in myself and take the steps. 

If you want a coach who will help you focus, improve,  achieve and actually really enjoy the process, I couldn’t recommend Shell more. 

Joe Edgerton
Founder of Lost Yoga and Fire-fighter


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