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The Holistic Leaders

The holistic LeaderS

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Optimise your leadership performance through the integration of wellness and business.
Achieve more without burnout.
Become the Business Leader who loves what they do.

Are you at the stage where you are not sure if you need a Life Coach, a Business Coach, a holiday, or all 3?

As a leader, you are the one supporting everyone else. Leadership is not always easy, whether managing a team within an organisation or running your own business.

I’ve been there. I am there at times. 

But when it’s good, which it can be, it’s the absolute best feeling in the world to make strides forward, achieve your goals and feel balanced in the process.

If you are here reading this, my guess is that you want to be leading a business that you love. That you can grow without compromising the other parts of your life. 

This is more than just making money. You have a purpose and drive beyond the numbers. You want to make an impact too. 

You are deeply interested in personal development and realise that the growth of your business hinges on your own personal growth as a leader.

Business Founders & Entrepreneurs

  • Where is the chink in your armour? Mindset concerns? Lack of actionable strategies?  Loss of direction or purpose?
  • You are the owner, the creator. If you are not experiencing your own business as you would like to be, I would like to help.
  • You deserve to be reaping the benefits of your hard work and it really can be down to receiving the right support.
  • I have worked with Founders across a variety of different sectors such as Digital Entrepreneurs, Founders in Hospitality, Conscious Retailers, Recruitment Leaders, Wellness Professionals, Therapists, Naturopathic Health Professionals, Pilots and Online Life Coaches, Creative Founders.

Leaders within Organisations

  • You are a leader in an established business who is personally looking to adapt, evolve and pivot how you show up in your role.  
  • You are ready to dedicate time to the process of your own personal growth to allow you to lead in a new holistic, conscious way. 
  • You are committed to leading in a way that brings the best out in your team.
  • I have worked with Partners in Law Firms, Leaders at LinkedIn, Managers within Software Sales, Marketing Managers, Consultancy Project Managers, Recruitment and Sales Leaders and Leaders within the public sector. 

MY coaching style is wellness meets business.

How does this help you?

I help you to align with your values and rewire your mindset to create a career and life of your own design. I believe that we all have huge innate potential and a life of limitless possibilities but we don’t always get to meet the dream in reality for a number of reasons. We lose our way in the pursuit of the wrong goals: we work towards the right goals the wrong way by compromising our health and relationships: we prioritise and chase a life that actually, isn’t what we want at all. 

What if success isn’t actually about money and status at all? 

What if success is about having both of these yes, but also having good health, strong relationships and a true LOVE for your business? I believe we have been sold a lie that in order to succeed…that it has to be at all costs. My coaching approach with you is holistic: Mind, Body, Soul, Business and I weave together my qualifications and experiences to bring all I can to my programmes where you will be held in a psychologically safe space, be it 90 minutes, a workshop for your business or  a 3 month container.

Why can taking an Holistic approach change how you are doing business?

In my previous role as a business director and throughout my law degree, I heavily relied on the mind: for planning, creating business plans, structure, targets and ambitious goals for both myself and my teams. But without the balance of the heart, intuition, energy and flow: we can often achieve incredible things without any connection to joy whilst doing so. We achieve a goal and move onto the next one without even taking stock of what was once our dream aspiration.

I have been there, but through my coaching and yoga teacher training, breath-work, travelling the world to work with plant medicine and incredible guide, teachers and healers, I have learned the key to a fulfilling life and career is holistic balance, self-awareness, presence and FUN. The pressures of leadership made me forget the joy, I have committed to not letting this happen again and I encourage all my clients to create joy within their businesses. 

I am a “work-in-progress” myself and each day I grow, I study, I live, I learn. I left the safety of the Big Job, the Big Salary and the Big City to do something I love, something I am good at and something that truly impacts others positively,  is this something you would like to do too? 

I am totally committed to helping my clients be purposeful in life and business and I would love to hear from you so that we can see how we can work together. 

Is this you?


Disconnected from yourself, your vision, your mission and your purpose. You are at the point where you nearly wish you weren’t so ambitious. Surely that would be easier no?!

You know it’s in there, that old passion and drive. You just need some help and support to ignite it again.

You know you need help but aren’t sure whether it’s personal or business support that is best. 

My Coaching supports both.


Burnt out and wishing you had better mental and physical energy to achieve all you need to daily.

Even when you do get your strategies and goals on paper, you still need the driving force to execute them. 

It feels like every day is a Working Hard as opposed to Working Smart day.

Your wake up already exhausted by the day, dont have time to exercise and are fuelled by coffee.


Freedom and time to do the things you love with the people you love outside of work. 

Without checking your phone every 2 minutes or being half present.

You want to be able to enjoy the life you are creating: after all isn’t this why you did all this in the first place? 

You want your mind to be a peaceful place to be in those moments its not needed to solve problems, make progress and run a business.


Support from someone who has been there and truly understands what you are experiencing right now. You have been making your way through your career and your life without asking for help. 

In order to be a Leader or founder, you have believed that you should be the one to have all the answers. 

How would it feel to have  someone listen to you, support you, coach you and accompany you on this journey to clarity and connection: all done in a way that is enjoyable?

If this resonates, The Holistic Leaders coaching programmes could be suited to you.

The Ways We Can Work Together.

90 Minute Intensive Coaching

Private 1:1 Online Coaching

Workshops and Wellness Partnerships for your business

The Holistic 90

I am currently taking on new coaching clients for 90 Minute Intensive Coaching Sessions. These sessions were born out of a client need to receive coaching support around a key pressing concern. The topics have varied from client to client across various pillars of Business, Body, Mind and Soul so I have collated some of the possible discussions, tools and solutions that can be explored in these one-off sessions. 

This 90 min programme is suited to you if you are need of 1:1 help without committing to a 3 month programme at this point. It is ideal for you if would like a space to discuss a particular challenge so that time, energy and support may be given to this area of your life and/or business. 

You will complete the session with clarity, calm and a forward plan.

I offer a complimentary Discovery Call for all my programmes, even The Holistic 90 session. I want you to feel excited about investing in yourself and it’s important to me that you have had this chance to meet with me first. 


Is the Holistic 90 for you?

  • You are an impact driven business leader, founder or entrepreneur.
  • You are at a pivotal point in your business/ career and seek non-judgemental support at this time.
  • You are seeking wellness tools to integrate into your working day.
  • You want to focus on a certain part of your business for 90 minutes with someone who has 16 years business experience who can help you find your own solutions.
  • You feel overwhelmed and need a supportive environment to chat through your goals. 
  • You are ready to invest time and money in yourself, your growth and the growth of the business you lead.

What you can expect.

  • Bespoke coaching session, focused on a particular area of concern.
  • Clarify your goals and learn methods to stay focused.
  • Identify where you are getting stuck.
  • Embrace a new and empowering perspective.
  • Plan out immediate steps.
  • Create clear business and personal goals with an actionable strategy.
  • Remember your purpose as a Leader.
  • Reconnection to your values mission and vision.
  • Re-energise yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.
  • Better morning and evening routines, more productive, more quality time.

The Holistic 90: What's Included.


Firstly, we have a Discovery Call by way of introduction, then on your request, we book in your Holistic 90 session.  You will receive an online welcome pack with a comprehensive intake form. 

This will help you to create  clarity on your intended topic for exploration. This also allows me to understand more about your business ahead of our call.

90 Minute 1:1 Session

This will be held online and will last 90 minutes. 

During this time you will receive my complete focus and attention as I hold a safe space for you to open up, explore your challenges, share your aspirations and create a forward plan towards your desired outcome.


You will receive a workbook to support your holistic wellness after our call. This contains business, emotional and spiritual support and tools such as breath-work, mindfulness practices and organisational tools for your business. 

These have been incredibly helpful to me during my own career and have helped many clients.

kind words from a Holistic 90 client.

“I got in touch with Shell as she came highly recommended through a friend. I am a business owner and mother of 2, I was overwhelmed by both my business and personal goals and it was such a relief to have someone really listen for 90 minutes without judgement.

Together, we looked at my day, my priorities and my time and energy “leaks”. It was a bit confronting to realise how much time I was losing on the wrong things that weren’t positively impacting either life or business but contributed to me feeling busy all the time.

Shell shared tools on planning each day and prioritising what’s really important and I created personal “non-negotiables”, for example like exercising twice a week. My business has not suffered as I had feared, the opposite as I have two hours to myself each week now and I understand the importance of this on every level. 

I waited a few weeks to write this as I wanted to trial the processes and mindset shifts first and it has helped immeasurably. My diary is full, but with the right things now and I am not putting out fires each day. I have more clarity, less guilt (a big thing fo me) and can focus on the key actions I need to take each day towards my business and personal growth. 

Highly, highly recommend. Thank you Shell. 



                                                            SARAH, CREATIVE BUSINESS OWNER 

Possible Topics to Explore in your Holistic 90 Session.

(We look at one particular concern of yours during the 90 minute session, we will explore holistic solutions to this but I have displayed some examples here that have been presented by previous clients this year.)


  • Effective business planning and strategising for 2023.
  • Annual sales targets creation.
  • Strategic and energetic preparation prior to important meetings.
  • Conscious communication and conflict resolution in your  business.
  • Confidence around hiring the right people.
  • Quitting your senior leadership role to become a business owner. 
  • Resilience in business in difficult times.
  • Selling with Soul.
  • SWOT Analysis of your business. 


  • Journalling techniques for clarity and self-awareness.
  • Free writing to enhance creativity in leadership.
  • Mind Maps and visualisation.
  • Mindset work and affirmations.
  • Self-Limiting beliefs work.
  • Mindfulness practices for present moment awareness.
  • Money Mindset and blocks.
  • Removing mental overwhelm through planning and prioritisation.
  • CEO Mindset.
  • Positive habit creation.


  • Building body awareness around stress and anxiety.
  • Tools for everyday stress management.
  • “Wellness Shots”. Easy to learn tools to change the energetic state of the body.
  • Conscious Breathwork guidelines and practice.
  • Introduction to cold-water therapy. Theory and Implementation.
  • Introducing /reintroducing good physical habits into your life.
  • Integration of movement, yoga/ desk yoga into daily routine.
  • Rest and repair methods for busy leaders.
  • Energetic mastery tools. Understanding your energy.


  • Values-based living. Identify and action them in your life and business. 
  • Aligning with your purpose/ Ikigai before making a life-changing business/ career decision.
  • Bringing joy back into your life and business.
  • For Funs Sake. A focus on everything BUT your business.
  • Spiritual practices and rituals.
  • Self-care in times of high stress.
  • Coming back to centre in a time of feeling stretched.
  • Getting into alignment and using your intuition.
  • Identifying and removing energetic leaks.

12 Week 1:1 Coaching Programme

I have created 2 options for you to work with me for 12 weeks.

The Holistic Leader “The Original.” (Online Sessions every 2 weeks, 7 in total).

The Holistic Leader “The Lite.” (Online Sessions every 4 weeks, 4 in total).

What’s included in your 12 week Online Coaching Programme:

  • Welcome Pack:- Outlining your programme, a detailed intake form and 60 page workbook packed with tools I have gathered over 14 years in the corporate world and 6 years of my own coaching journey.
  • 90 minute deep dive coaching sessions every 2 or 4 weeks for 12 weeks.
  • Personalised email and Whatsapp support (9am-5pm Monday- Friday).
  • Inner work:- mindset, money mindset, core values and beliefs, energetic blocks.
  • Outer work:- strategy, productivity hacks, planning for optimisation, personal development, organisational tools.
  • Business strategy and business planning.
  • Daily consultation and review on business ideas, exploration and implementation.
  • Access to my own business toolkits and blueprints as relevant to your business.
  • Personalised action plans to work on between sessions, worksheets, meditations, breath-work.
  • Journal prompts to remind you to ‘tune in’ to you and your business.
  • Accountability and coaching supervision. Reflection on your aligned actions.
  • Bespoke work and recommended reading, podcast and multimedia study.
  • Emotional support, outside perspective and exposure of your blind spots to make the unconscious conscious. 
  • Intuitive development.
  • Meditations and visualisations to upgrade your business mindset.
  • Mind & body exercises to improve clarity and mind-body connection

How the Coaching Process Works

Book a 30 min Discovery Call

Pop yourself into my diary. 

We meet online for 30 mins to chat about where you are now, where you’d like to be both personally and professionally. Your goals, dreams and current obstacles.

I will answer any questions you may have we will explore our compatibility to work together. 

Private 1:1 Coaching

We commit to working together for 12 weeks in a programme bespoke to your needs.

We meet every 2 or 4 weeks (depending on your programme) online for 90 minutes and I am also available to support you on Whatsapp and email each week day.

We create awareness, design actions, plan, goal set and manage your progress throughout. 

Completion and Reflection

Coaching is a goal oriented process.

The purpose is to get you to a new place of wellbeing within yourself and within your leadership role.

On completion,  you will be clear on your values, your why and we will create an on-going plan for you to action moving forward.

Client Results from 2022

A coach helps to move you from where you are now to where you want to be.  Not through telling  you what to do but through asking you the right questions, listening and allowing you to find your own answers. 

You have a supporter, cheerleader, guide and accountability partner all in one. 

I asked each of my clients this year to share their results so that I could collate the general themes. Here are just some of the themes and some specifics of “The Holistic Leaders Class of 2022.”
  • Clients expressed that they had signed up to my programme for personal and business growth but left with so much more, new perspectives, tools, insights, renewed energy and increased happiness. 
  • They have reconnected with their values, vision, mission and purpose meaning they are enjoying their businesses again. This has impacted their personal lives as they aren’t carrying work home.
  • They have increased their level of self-awareness which has helped them to understand themselves better, starting a bigger journey of self-enquiry at emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  
  • Ability to make better, more aligned business decisions because they are using intuition as well as intellect.
  • More harmonious relationships due to Conscious Communication techniques.
  • My clients have looked at their lives at a holistic level and established how they can re-energise themselves mind, body and soul so that each day, they have had the energy to both achieve AND enjoy.
  • They have remembered their WHY. In life and in Leadership: helped greatly by the Eulogy technique.
  • They have introduced excellent tools for prioritisation, time-management and delegation into their daily routines.


Increased Self-Awareness.


Flow in Business.

Renewed Commitment.

Increased Passion for Business.

Increased Revenues.

Business Growth.

  • Created Life Design and Business Design plans that are both inspiring and actionable.
  • Fulfilled daily, weekly and monthly actions that have been put off for years: yes, years!
  • Achieved the goals that they set in our first session together. 
  • Opened their minds to new music, danced for the first time in years, remembered how to be joyful.
  • Increased their business revenues following both mindset work around “worth” and also strategically examining their business pricing. 
  • Closed down parts of their business that weren’t bringing either money or fulfilment which allowed time and energy to expand other more aligned areas. This created both business and joy growth.
  • Quit their full-time role to set up their “side-hustle” business full time. 
  • Went from no clients to active, paying clients, an updated website, a clear exit plan and a 2023 strategy.
  • Reconnected with family and old-friends through realisation that work was taking over. Business sales increased through working less but working with more renewed passion because they were less stressed. ( I refer to this as ‘Ambitious Tension”, when we want it so badly but we are rigid and resisting the flow.)
  • This year, I haves privileged to journey with clients who, as they have been doing the programme have purchased new homes, announced pregnancy news, run events for celebrities, moved cities, left their 9-5 and even appeared on TV.  I mention these to show what’s possible. All of these things were achieved by THEM, my incredible clients because they committed to change and they committed to a programme with a coach they connected with.  
  • If you are keen to know more, book a call so we can chat.

Coaching for your Business


I create tailor-made workshops for your small business or teams within your organisation.

These workshops can be combined with a 1:1 coaching relationship with you and your Leaders to create an on-going wellness partnership where you feel supported in this area of your business for up to 12 months.

Having spent 14 years in London running teams across London and Manchester, my workshops incorporate my extensive business background and wellness qualifications. These workshops are impactful to you as individuals, as a leadership team and as a business. Guided by the holistic pillars and in alignment with your own values, goals and needs we can explore a number of topics across body, mind, soul and business. 

In advance, I will speak with you the leader to establish what the key areas of improvement are within your business and then create a bespoke workshop/ partnership to bring a solution, harmony and new energy to you and your team.  Now more than ever, it is absolutely critical for business leaders to acknowledge the wellbeing of both themselves and their teams whilst in good health rather than poor as it is more difficult to turn around at a later point when important business decisions are being made from a depleted place.


My Belief is simple...

When we are balanced holistically, we not only make better leaders in work and life but we enjoy it all more and we create a sustainable personal and business model off the back of it. My workshop offerings range from 1 Hour online to 2 days immersive workshops in person to longer term Wellness Partnerships.


In a 1 hour workshop, we will be focusing on one specific area with key takeaways that can be implemented immediately. The longer 1-2 day workshops act as an opportunity for you and your team to get really clear on the current reality of the energy within your business so that you may create a supportive environment for common workplace issues such as stress, burnout, overwhelm and communications concerns. For smaller businesses, we can also incorporate strategy sessions with the key leadership team.

These workshops are immersive, requiring presence from all participants as we integrate deep coaching techniques and a mixture of meditation, breath-work, philosophy, embodiment practices and business tools. You will complete the days with various methods to optimise yourselves holistically, so that strategising, business planning and deep work is made easier, more impactful and a lot more sustainable. These tools can be used immediately to improve your lives and the day will be a good mix of both wellness and business tools.

The workshops will include references to neuroscience, psychology and practices in mindfulness, breath-work and meditation.


Possible Topics to Explore in your Wellness in Business Workshop

(Each clients business needs will differ so the below is a guideline.)


  • Reframing stress, the power of resilience.
  • Stress Management techniques.
  • Managing States: moving from a reactive to proactive state.
  • Mindset awareness (Growth V Fixed).
  • Mindfulness practices.
  • Letting go of worry and over-analysing.
  • Recognising key drivers and connecting with your reason Why.
  • Physical breath-work and embodiment practices.
  • Time Management Tools (Pomodoro Technique)
  • Anti-Procrastination techniques.
  • Energy Management Tools (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual energy).
  • Team connection and Conscious Communication.
  • Personal awareness development.
  • Range of tools infused with neuroscience and mindfulness to regulate the nervous system.
  • Business Strategy.
  • Key Drivers, Connecting to your reason WHY.
  • SWOT Analysis.
  • Timeline Planning for Growth.
  • Conscious Communication as a leadership team.
  • Responsibility & Ownership – YOU are the creator:

Wellness in Business Workshop: What's Included.

Consultation Call

Prior to creating your workshop.

We meet online for 30 mins to discuss your business needs, concerns, where you are now and where you would like to be. Goals, dreams and current obstacles.

I will answer any questions you may have  as we will explore our compatibility to work together. 

WorkShop Preparation

We commit to working together, using the best workshop option for your business. This can range from one hour, a 2 day workshop or a longer overall wellness partnership.

A date will be confirmed, followed by a deposit for the creation of your bespoke workshop.

I will specify the required length of time needed in order to prepare your workshop.




Workshop Delivery

Coaching is a goal oriented process.

The purpose  of all of my workshops is to get you/your team to a new place of wellbeing within your roles. 

On completion,  you will be clear on how to move forward in the given area of focus during your workshop. You will have both individual and collective tools and actions to progress towards your goals.

Client Stories

I cleared my limiting beliefs, achieved financial goals and created strategic solutions.

I have been guided to think in new ways, given so many new tools, nurtured and most of all I have shed many deep rooted limiting beliefs that have kept me from being the very best version of myself in the past in life and business.


Therapist & Creative Entrepreneur

My days are more purposeful, my relationships are deeper and my energy is so much higher.

The best investment I have ever made. I could not recommend Shell highly enough. 

She has changed my outlook on life and my career and those around me are all benefitting.


Enterprise Account Director @LinkedIn

I achieved a £250k turnover in Year 1, with 3 employees, in a global pandemic.

Shell is just the most incredible coach and person, she exudes an energy that is hard to come by. Her approach is unique: she has a wealth of her own business experience but she also has an incredible ability for navigating emotions.


Founder of The Luxury Picnic Company

Are You Ready To Receive Support as a Leader?

It starts with one step.

Let’s chat and see how we can collaborate. 


I am based between Ireland and the rest of the world. I travel regularly and work with my clients from all over the world online. 

I am available to my clients globally via my Online 1:1 Coaching Programme.  

My diary for in-person organisational projects is now open and I will be holding my first Holistic Leaders Retreat in Summer 2023.


  • Individual Coaching Programmes via Zoom (12 weeks). You can be anywhere in the world and you have a coach in your pocket for support.
  • The Holistic 90 (90 Minute Deep Coaching Session).


  • Register for European Holistic Leaders Retreat. (Summer 2023) via email if interested.
  • We can work together within your business/ organisation for retained  projects. These are bespoke and range from 1 hour to 1-2 day workshops to longer wellness partnership projects. 

If you are curious about working together, simply get in touch or pop yourself into my diary via “Book a Call”.

Often, our business issues can simply be an amplification of our own personal concerns.

We explore whats happening with you as a business leader first: all of you. 

I believe that when I support you as Leader in your own holistic wellbeing (body, mind and soul) then you can make a much greater impact on the business you lead. 

When personal growth happens alongside excellent business strategy, thats when powerful, sustainable change occurs.

In these sessions, you bring the content and the entire focus is on you and your growth. We will have a framework to make sure that forward progress is always made. The basic stages are: 

  • Discovery
  • Creating awareness
  • Designing actions
  • Planning
  • Setting goals
  • Managing your progress throughout.

At the end of the programme, we reflect on and celebrate your achievements. This coaching journey is holistically transformative. 

Based on my 4 Pillars of Holistic Leadership you will experience reconnection, reenergising and remembering within your whole self and business.

You have come this far. Both in your career and on this website. 

Have some things resonated with you? If there is a niggle, follow it. 

The Discovery Call is completely without obligation so you can get a feel for both the coaching process and me as a coach. 

If the fit isn’t right, I will always do my best to point you in the right direction.

This isn’t for you:

  • If you want to be directed exactly what to do. Coaching is about empowering you as an individual to make the best choices in your life and business. 
  • You are purely looking for business strategies to increase profits.
  • You have a “churn and burn” mentality towards business that you have no plan on changing.  
  • This is not for you if you are not in a personal growth phase. The success of this programme will be down to you and the work you put into developing your self-awareness, working through your personal blockages and being open to new ways of thinking, being and seeing. 

A lot but this will be down to your own discipline and motivation towards sustainable, lasting change. 

Our online sessions are incubators and accelerators but your real work happens in the time in-between. 

You will be supported with additional learning materials in between and strategy, mindset and energy based tools to assist with your holistic growth.

You also have my support daily throughout the programme and I am just an email or a message away on Whatsapp. 

Believe me, I have been there but after I invested in my first coach in 2016, I have continued to invest in myself. Since then I have invested in coaches, becoming a coach, mentorship programmes, courses, in-person retreats and yoga teacher training. You name it. Every penny well spent.

For me I believe in “Standing on the Shoulder of Giants”. If someone has been through what I am experiencing, I want them to hold space to guide me from where I am now to where I want to be, much faster than if I were to go it alone (this was my old way and how I moved through life for a long time). I felt it was a sign of weakness to ask for help and receive support: absolute nonsense!

I decided my very valuable time was being wasted in not living my life to its fullest capacity and it’s not one I regret.

I don’t want money to be a prohibiting factor and so I offer payment plans so that you can receive the support you need and spread the cost. Ask me about this when we chat.

In short: NO!

My coaching is guided by 4 pillars: Body, Mind, Soul and Business. For some of my clients “Soul” means connecting with their spiritual beliefs, for others, spirituality is not a focus at all. “Soul” for you can simply means the joy in your life, the things that you love doing,  that give you energy and allow you to connect with yourself.  My past clients have varied from yogis with deep spiritual practices to people who have NO beliefs at all but who want to connect more to their lives in a practical way. There is no dogma in this coaching container, I will meet you where you are at. I myself love the idea that it’s not “all on me”, and that I have support beyond the physical realm whether thats ancestral or energetics but I completely respect everyones beliefs. My coaching style is all about the Practical Magic. The “Magic” can be getting the energy flowing in your life again in any number of ways. (If you know me at all, I am a huge music and movement fan and belief it’s one of the most fun routes to raising our vibration (energy!).

This all depends on what programme you have joined. If it’s The Holistic 90, you will need about an hour before our call to complete an exploratory form that allows me to know you better. You will then be armed with tools after the call that can be used forever more. 

If you join my 12 week programme, we meet once or twice a month for 90 minutes each time (depending on which option you choose).

Our sessions are incubators and accelerators but your real work happens in the time in-between.

This programme is created to inspire you to make changes at a foundational level so that “doing the work” doesn’t feel like work and that you don’t feel like this is yet another thing on your “to-do” list.

This is about making changes that become part of you and part of your life as you want to lead it. It’s about integration and assimilation into the 24 hours of each day that you are spending anyway but now you are spending them feeling how you want to feel.

You will be supported with additional learning materials in between and strategy, mindset, energy and business based tools to assist in your holistic development.

You will also have my support daily throughout the programme and I am just an email or a message away on Whatsapp.

This is all lead by YOU! The time you invest is down to what works for you and your level of motivation and discipline towards sustainable, lasting change.It